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Furore is the only music publisher of its kind, publishing in the region of 1.200 compositions from various epochs by approximately 150 women from Europe, America, Asia and Australia...
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WAR op. 23 for two players
An anti-war message for Israel
Tsippi Fleischers WAR for two players

WAR op. 23, 1988 (6’)
player 1: bass-clarinet, contra-alto clarinet, alto-saxophone; player 2: percussion (including electronic drums)
The title WAR should not mislead – the message is rather anti-war: At the raging beginning, the rumbling effect of arms is produced by an electronic drum combined with the thundering sounds of the bass clarinet in a blended timbre. The textural density gradually decreases in the course of various occurrences, until a desolate sense of utter destruction closes the piece.

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