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There is a female Beethoven: Furore – 25 years of publishing

Furore is the only music publisher of its kind, publishing in the region of 1.200 compositions from various epochs by approximately 150 women from Europe, America, Asia and Australia...
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2015: Best edition and the 210th day of birth of Fanny Hensel
The Furore Verlag will receive the award Best Edition 2015 on the International music fair in Frankfurt for the edition: Shout up with your song! Songs from the Women’s Movement. The history of the Women’s Movement includes numerous songs that musically accompanied and vociferously expressed women’s demands for equal rights, appropriate working conditions, political and social participation, self-determination and free development. On the occasion of the Fanny-Hensel-Year 2015 Furore has published three new music publications. The 210th day of birth of Fanny Hensel (1805–1847) in 2015 will be celebrated all over the world. Take a close look at this fascinating woman composer and her musical work!
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for mascha. Organ solo
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For Mascha. Collection for organ solo
The book of organ music you see before you is a special one. In it you will discover three organ works by the well-known Fanny Hensel, née Mendelssohn and compositions by six contemporary women musicians.
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