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There is a female Beethoven: Furore – 25 years of publishing

Furore is the only music publisher of its kind, publishing in the region of 1.200 compositions from various epochs by approximately 150 women from Europe, America, Asia and Australia...
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From piano music to big orchestral works : 170 women composers from all over the world with more than 1.000 compositions

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From works for soloists to big stage works: 170 women composers from all over the world with more than 750 compositions

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Wolken-Lieder, Späte Lieder for voice and piano
Songs by Margarete Schweikert
As far as we are now aware, Margarete Schweikert composed most of her more than 160 songs between 1905 and 1923. Only a few compositions were written after this period; for example, the two “Late Songs”, these were composed in 1946/47. They were influenced by the Second World War and the personal losses endured by Margarete Schweikert during this time. Relentless and harsh, they are the outpourings of a strong personality who uncompromisingly concentrated her experiences into music.

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