Prices of the International Composition Competition for women composers have been awarded to Germany, Switzerland and France

The prizewinners of the composition competition "Aufbruch" of Furore Verlag in co-operation with the Zentrum Militärmusik der Bundeswehr (Center Military music of the German Bundeswehr) have been determined.
Tina Ternes from Germany will receive the first prize for her work "Aufbruch". The second prize goes to Switzerland: Caroline Charrière for "Awakening". Aude Clesse from France is awarded the 3rd prize for her "Bric à brac".

Furore is the only music publisher of its kind, publishing in the region of 1.500 compositions from various epochs by approximately 160 women from Europe, America, Asia and Australia.

Anniversary area
2018: 160. day of birth of Mel Bonis and other jubilees
This year we celebrate the 160th birthday of the Romantic French composer Mel Bonis. Her compositions sound great and are technically masterful. For her birthday her orchestral works are presented in a special catalog. Here you can browse. Maddalena Laura Lombardini Sirmen dies on May 18, 1818 in Venecia. This year we can celebrate her 200. year of death. More info.

Wilhelmine von Bayreuth died Oktober 14, 1758 - 260 years ago. She build the UNESCO-cultural heritage opera house in Bayreuth, which will be opened again in April 2018. more information.

Product of the week
Imaginary Garden V. renewed at every glance 2016 (16‘) for piano & free bass accordion
Hope Lee
Imaginary Garden V
for piano and free bass accordion

Imaginary Garden, a sonic gardens of discovery, growth, imagination and recollection, is a series of short chamber pieces written for unusual instrumental combinations, with the intention of exploring musical gestures with motion, images, and emotion.

no.: fue 10208
Edition: score and parts
19,00 Euro